East Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate

When most people hear of Honolulu, their thoughts turn to luxury and elegance. While this is true for most of the area, it is particularly true for East Honolulu. Comprised of upscale neighborhoods featuring some of the state's best real estate, East Honolulu properties are definitely hard to match. Whether it's a single-family home, condo, or luxurious waterfront property, it's a virtual guarantee that anyone can find exactly what they are looking for in East Honolulu.

With a population approaching 50,000 residents, this area has numerous shopping, recreational, and entertainment options located nearby. For many residents in this part of Hawaii, golf is a popular way to spend their day. As a result, there are many courses available to test all skill levels, from the beginner up to professional. Along with golf, water activities such as surfing, water skiing, and swimming all fit into the plans of many residents. But for those who want to stay on dry land while relaxing, they can enjoy miles and miles of white sandy beaches along with plenty of hiking and biking trails.

Schools in the area are considered very good, offering students a variety of opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. Numerous field trips are taken by students of all ages to local nature areas, where they learn about all Hawaii has to offer within its beautiful surroundings. In addition to field trips, students have many extracurricular activities from which to choose, enabling them to learn even more.

One of the reasons East Honolulu is so popular is its eclectic mix of residents. While many families call the area home, it is quietly becoming a haven for retirees. With a number of condominium developments having been built in recent years, retirees have started to discover this part of Hawaii and turn it into a retirement destination. Offering peace and quiet while also being convenient to shopping, medical care, and entertainment, East Honolulu is today considered one of Hawaii's best areas in which to settle down. If it's a luxurious lifestyle you want, East Honolulu can certainly deliver that and much more.

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